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⦁ All-weather cementing unit is applicable to various operation conditions such as onshore, offshore, desert, and arctic or extremely hot conditions;
⦁ 12” HMI displays operation data and curves, convenient for operator to monitor the operation condition;
⦁ The system allows the operator to modify the operation interfaces and function keys according to their habits. It only requires simple data input to control the operation and optimizes the density algorism to guarantee accurate and stable control;
⦁ Intelligent mixing system (AMS) controls the density accurately, leading the slurry mixing technology of the industry. Seamless switching between MANUAL and AUTO control modes is available;
⦁ Professional data acquisition system records, analyzes and stores the operation data in real time;
⦁ The twin pump cementing unit achieves the mutual standby of manifolds and unit functions, enhancing the operation safety and reliability;
⦁ Professional ergonomic design and protection system enable the comfort, safety and reliability of the unit, enhancing the customer satisfaction.


⦁ High pressure skid mounted twin pumping unit.
⦁ Deployed for high pressure well service treatments, fluid handling system, high pressure pumping and controls for operating systems.
⦁ Consists of :
⦁ Two Detroit Diesel engines.
⦁ Two power shift transmissions.
⦁ Two Triplex pumps each complete with gear reducers.
⦁ The pumps are horizontal triplex single-acting plunger pumps and consist of fluid ends and power ends they are characterized by their compactness, lightweight, high efficiency and ease of maintenance.
⦁ The power ends have welded housing made of alloy steel plates.
⦁ The fluid ends are made of alloy steel.
⦁ The valve covers and cylinder covers are connected to the cylinder body by means of trapezoidal coarse pitch thread for fast charge and easy maintenance.
⦁ The pumps are equipped with hard surface plungers and are recommended for pumping cement, acid, water, drilling fluid, and other fluids.
⦁ fluid handling system includes two (2) compartments, twenty-two (22) barrel (total) Capacity calibrated holding tank with all fill, suction manifolds, and two (2) centrifugal pumps.


⦁ ROLLIGON TULSA BMS 14 bbl batch mixing skid is a re-circulating batch cement mixer with a single mixing/blending tank mounted on an oilfield skid.
⦁ Designed to mix and blend highly accurate cement densities during cementing operations.
⦁ The unit uniformly blends and store cement in one 14 bbl tank, then pumps it to a high pressure pumping unit.
⦁ The unit is comprised of a re-circulating mixing system, one blending tank, manifolds, a hydraulic system to drive fluid handling and mixing and all required controls and instrumentation.
⦁ The mixing system consists of a high energy jet mixing system, high rate re-circulating pump and agitator.
⦁ The patented jet mixer is designed thoroughly wet the incoming dry cement and impart high mixing energy, the result is clump free completely wetted slurry.
⦁ As the cement leaves the jet mixer it swirls through a diffuser. The diffuser aids the mixing/blending tank where it can be re-circulated through the jet mixer and pumped off-board.
⦁ A densitometer is mounted in the re-circulating line and the mix water is measured with a turbine flow meter.


Make/ Brand/ Model: ROLLIGON TULSA/ TEM / BMS-14S
⦁ One 14 bbl mixing /blending tank.
⦁ Non – nuclear densitometer in recirculation line.
⦁ One 4 x3 Mission Magnum SANDMASTER centrifugal pump.
⦁ Two 6 x 5 Mission Magnum SANDMASTER centrifugal pumps.
⦁ Stainless steel control panel permanently labeled in English.
⦁ Oilfield rugged skid.
⦁ 100US gallon fuel tank.
⦁ Daimler Detroit Diesel pack engine.
⦁ Patented TEM CAM re-circulating mixing system.
⦁ Work lights.
⦁ Fire Extinguisher.