Well cementing is a critical operation, which must be carried out on all oil and gas wells, to keep the casing in place and prevents its corrosion, as well as ensuring proper zonal isolation for safe production of hydrocarbons.
addition, we use the DrillNET software to simulate placement of the slurry under well conditions, the effect of centralizers, and models the multi-stage fluids (ch em i ca I – wash, lead/tail slurry, displacement fluid, etc) placements, before making the appropriate recommendations to the client.
SOWSCO has the technical-know-how, complete sets of equipment and chemicals to design, carry out laboratory testing, and execute cementing jobs to deliver optimum zonal isolation and a minimum compressive strength of 500 psi within 24 hrs of waiting-on-cement (woe).
SOWSCO has a fleet of skid mounted storage and bulk handling cement silos, with capacities of 1250 ft3 or 1000 ft3 each, for deployment to land and swamp locations. These are backed up with bulk cement transport trucks, to ensure supply at short notice.
Our automated 1 20bbl cement mixers offer consistent slurry with density control up to 22 ppg, and have optimum mixing energy for ultimate compressive strength development.
SOWSCO has a fully equipped cement laboratory in Port Harcourt, with state-of-the-arts consistometers, commended by Shell as the best they have seen in Nigeria. The lab formulates and tests all cement slurries prior to job execution. In
We have multiple sets of both truck and skid mounted high pressure triplex pumps (15,000 psi rated) for land and swamp operations.