A primary function of an oil and gas wellhead is to provide pressure seal or shut-in point between the casing/tubing and surface piping/facilities, among others.

The various types of valves and actuators of the Xmas tree have to be in the best operational state to ensure they are working properly and seamlessly for efficient productivity.

Reliability and ease of maintenance is, therefore, a critical property of any wellhead.

SOWSCO has over the year metamorphosed into a leader in wellhead Installation, maintenance and services, thereby carving out a niche for itself.

SOWSCO has a state of the art wellhead test bay that conforms to international standards and specification for training, repairs and maintenance purposes.

SOWSCO, in partnership with an Original Equipment Manufacturer (O.E.M), StreamFlo of Canada, supplies and installs different types of wellheads, to clients’ specifications, for long term, trouble-free production.

SOWSCO provides the following products and services:

  • Supply and installation of StreamFlo (Canada) wellhead systems.
  • Repairs and maintenance of StreamFlo (Canada) wellhead systems.
  • Supply and installation of StreamFlo (Canada) wellhead systems parts and accessories e.g. Valves (Gate, Ball, Globe, Check, Butterfly, Plug) & Actuators

SOWSCO also provides First Line, Second Line and emergency wellhead repairs and maintenance Services.


  • Visual Inspection of Wellhead and accessories
  • Function test of all valves and accessories
  • Measurement of leakages from closures (to 1.5 times working pressure)
  • Pressure test of x-mass tree
  • Lubrication



  • Gate and seat assembly or the complete valve
  • Change out eroded bean boxes
  • Change out/repair SSVs
  • Change out or repair control-o-matics
  • Remove and install x-mass tree at location & other items based on first line findings, etc

Some contracts executed on wellhead services include:

  • SHELL Nigeria – Integrated well completion and maintenance contracts since 1999.
  • ENERGIA: Wellhead supply, installation and maintenance, -2008-date
  • ASHLAND (now ADDAX) – Repairs/servicing on Xmas trees – 1998
  • NIGER DELTA PETROLEUM RESOURCES (NDPR) – Wellhead maintenance services.