Brine filtration is important and its importance can’t be over-emphasized as its purpose is to prevent the formation of down-hole contamination. These contaminations are detrimental to the production life of the well as it tends to shorten the productive life of the well. Contamination can occur during many stages of the well completions process.

Effective displacement and clean-out of drilling mud and particles from the well and use of non-damaging, solid-free completion fluids to rid the wellbore of contaminants and residues and prevent particles from blocking pores in the formation. , is key to successful well completion and long-term productivity.

SOWSCO has multiple state of the art sets of equipment, materials and professional expertise to achieve 0-100 NTU turbidity (<5microns) brine filtration and mechanical wellbore cleaning.


In collaboration with SPDC, SOWSCO introduced and pioneered OFF-LINE FILTRATION, which reduces typical rig operations time of 15-30hrs during wellbore clean-up to less than 6hrs, resulting in huge costs saving. This has made SOWSCO the preferred brine filtration services provider in Nigeria and West Africa in general.

SOWSCO has a fleet of highly efficient state of the art filter presses of different capacities to serve our clients’ needs.

The type TF-FP1 100 FILTER PRESS, for instance, has 1100 sq. ft. filtration area and operates at 10 bbls/min and lOOpsi (max) for high purity brine filtration.

To ensure customers’ specifications are met, we issue:

  • Daily filtration reports, showing Inlet and Outlet NTU against flow-rate.
  • Fluid Filtration Report per Well, detailing total volume filtered.

Equipment rigged up for filtration (off-line) at Shell location, showing 4 x 500 barrel tanks, cartridge pod, slurry pump, etc, set out for easy access.


Wellbore debris comes in different shapes and sizes and is produced from waste due to drilling operations. If this debris is not adequately removed and the wellbore sufficiently cleaned during completion, it can lead to loss in the output of the well or even destroy the well formation.

SOWSCO delivers the very best and latest wellbore cleaning tools which optimize efficiency. Our Wellbore clean-up system which consists of specialized tools and chemicals remove debris in the wellbore without damaging well formation.

SOWSCO delivers:
Casing scrapers.
Magnet tools
Jet tools
Filter tools
Circulating tools
Flow Check Sub.

All made of heavy duty steel, that are designed to ensure 360 degree coverage, when rotated or reciprocated, ensuring complete wellbore cleaning.

SOWSCO is the FIRST indigenous filtration services provider in Nigeria, with operations for SPDC since 1995.